Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Five: Can we take a moment...

I've barely slept this week for no other reason than there is too much to do before 2013, and too much to write, and too much to read, and too much to watch. And brilliantly (thankfully) I haven't felt tired. I'm guessing on Sunday these super-human powers will wear off and I'll sleep the entire day. Sunday is a big football day, so that's okay with me. 

(Note: There are CW Spoilers in here - specifically for Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries. Be warned...)

1. It's that time of year when everything is nominated for everything. Golden Globe and SAG nominations were announced (just me, or does it feel too early for this?), and the best book of 2012 nominations are just everywhere. I'd include links, but I'm sure I'd miss some. Just look at Twitter. Search #vote, maybe. There are so many places to vote for your favorite books of 2012 and if you're like me, you'll hit up all of them. Or at least try. :) 

2.  I have probably too much to say about CW TV, and I've come to terms with the hard truth: that I will never tire of 'teenage dramas.' I was after all an actual teenager when Dawson's Creek aired. That's how it all began, right? Gossip Girl's final season is (I'll just say it) a bit of a disappointment. They cleaned up the mess of last year far too quickly. Dan is no longer bitter and back to his usual groveling ways. Speaking of - for a while there, Dan was the only one who did anything bad on purpose. And now the bad thing that we all wanted to happen has happened and no body did it on purpose *deflate*. Nate is ending up like his father and the only one that's surprised by this is him. There's a random teenager who's now a main character and I'm hoping the reason for that isn't so there's someone to pin as Gossip Girl. Like, hey, I've been following you guys around and writing about it on my website since I was ten. Because honestly. What is she doing on the show? In truth, I wanted the second-to-the-last episode to end with everyone hating each other, perhaps someone dead, and the last episode to be everyone five years later somehow trapped in a room together. HA! Well, that's a pipe dream. 

3.  Okay, I'm actually not done with the CW yet. The Vampire Diaries always surprises me. Every time. The mid season finale was no exception. All the bad things happened. Everyone lost the person they didn't want to loose. There was an extreme massacre set to Oh Holy Night. Stefan found out ALL about Damon and Elena, and Damon finally started to feel like a sire instead of a boyfriend. Ouchies all around. 

4. There are awesome things going on in the blog-world. One of my CP's, Shelley Batt, is giving away a critique. She's insightful and helpful and catches all those little things you didn't even think to catch. Go to her blog to find out more. Also, Nova Ren Suma, is hosting another awesome blog series Beyond the Buzz, trust me, it's incredible. And Sara McCarry (best known on the Internet as The Rejectionst) revealed the first chapter of her 2013 debut All Our Pretty Songs. I'm hooked. And author Kara Taylor wrote this piece on being a full-time writer, which I really enjoyed. She's far wiser than I was at age 22. :) 

5.  This book. I've read it twice since Saturday and am having serious cravings to read it again. At the risk of sounding like Andy Bernard, this book just nails it. Bravo Lemony Snicket Daniel Handler. 

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