Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Five: Hard Truths

1. My boyfriend totally predicted the success of fan-fiction turning into real fiction - and best selling real-fiction, at that - and after telling him yeah right over two years ago, I've finally told him he was actually right. It was a bittersweet victory for him though, because I don't think he ever guessed that this fiction would be Twilight inspired S&M.

2. Sometimes I really worry about Will Herondale. Can his friendship with Jem survive everything that happened in The Clockwork Prince? It's stressful when Parabatai fall in love with the same girl, truly. It's just as torturous as the Belly-Jeremiah-Conrad situation

3. I hopelessly love Made in Chelsea. It makes me laugh out loud and I don't see myself ever tiring of the will-they-won't-they tension. Also, it helps that everyone is British. This is everything that The Hills wasn't (the two shows are often compared). THIS is how staged reality TV is supposed to be. Trust me, it's better. Just compare the Spencers. 

4.  I saw Breaking Dawn II with my best friend when we visited out hometown in December. Most of the movie we spent being jealous of Renesmee. She gets to grow up fast - meaning her awkward stage is over fast - and then she just stops aging at twenty five. She gets all the perks of being a vampire without the cravings. She gets Jacob (let's be honest the movie version of that character is far better than the book version). And thanks to all the commotion surrounding her existence she got to meet several vampires from around the world, and therefore should she want to travel as I'm guessing she's going to want to do sometime during her immortal life, she'll have plenty of people to stay with. Not like she needs to be relieved of the extra expense. #andthentherestheCullenmoney

5.  I am really looking forward to the show The Americans for the simple reason that I'm excited to see Kevin and Felicity back on TV... even as different characters. The tagline "In love and cold war" really got me also. 

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