Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Five: Writing Rituals

1. Coffee, tea, diet Coke - something hot or something caffeinated always on hand. 

2. Scouring the internet for at least one new song to add to the writing playlist. 

3. Going to the trusted source of Maggie Stiefvater's Blog when YouTube recommendations fail. 

4. Spending a little bit / too much time drafting a project that isn't the one I'm supposed to be working on. 

5. Reading GoodReads quotes from the book of the moment and realizing that if you're going to have quotes up on GoodReads you'd better get to writing the project your supposed to be writing. 

What are yours? 


  1. Make myself a latte and a piece of toast, wrap up in a blanket, check email/social media/blogs, skim the news, open working doc and peer at it out of the corner of my eye...

  2. My ritual is, usually, procrastinate like crazy. It's a neverending rabbit trail :) But when I actually finally write, I don't have any rituals I absolutely have to do. That said, I love when I can grab some coffee or Diet Dr. Pepper (I'm addicted...), and snuggle under a fuzzy blanket. And whenever my dog plops down beside me, that's even better. For the project I'm working on now, I sometimes listen to music before I write ... but never while I write. On stuff I've written before, I've been able to listen to music as I go. Weird.

  3. Something very cold or very hot to drink and something crunchy (and computer safe~ aka, pretzels not cheetos) to eat for me. I can't do music with lyrics, but I like listening to light classical or film scores. We just got one of those Keurig coffee machines, so I'm working that into my ritual too :)